5 Amazing Benefits of Collagen

June 26, 2017


Maybe you’ve heard of collagen for your skin and hair…maybe as an ingredient in shampoos and face creams, but did you know that collagen supplements have a wealth of other benefits? This amino acid is actually the most abundant protein in your body, and is used by virtually every part from your head to toes; however collagen production drops off as we age. Adding supplemental collagen back into your body could help with the following:

  1. Weight LossCollagen helps to support a healthy metabolism. The way it works is simple – lean muscle is one of the main fat burning areas of the body, and collagen protein is necessary to build and maintain lean muscle tissue. As we age, our natural collagen levels begin to deplete; and the lean muscle’s fat burning abilities decrease…resulting in weight gain. Taking a supplemental dosage of collagen can help build healthier lean muscle; therefore, boosting the body’s metabolism and promoting weight loss. 
  2. Joint Pain – Several recent studies have shown that collagen can help restore elasticity to the joints, help relieve stiffness and swelling and help stimulate new collagen production in the body. One study by the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago says that the collagen can accumulate in the cartilage and help patients affected by joint disorders such as osteoarthritis.
  3. Digestive Health – Collagen can soothe some digestive issues by helping to heal intestinal permeability (see Leaky Gut Syndrome) and restore the normal mucosal layer.
  4. Skin & Hair – As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and show signs of wrinkles and dryness. Our hair also tends to become more dry and brittle.  See the image below. bigstock-younger-skin-and-older-skin-77343413.jpgTaking supplemental collagen (especially collagen hydrolysate) can help the body “jumpstart” its own collagen production to improve elasticity and help hair and skin retain their moisture.
  5. Better Sleep and More Energy – According a study conducted by the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, glycine (one of the amino acids in collagen hydrolysate) can help increase serotonin levels without increasing dopamine levels – providing for a better quality of sleep. Glycine also helps to push sugar into the body’s tissues to increase energy levels.

 To find out more about how Collagen can help with weight loss:

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Elizabeth Miller

Written by Elizabeth Miller

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