Collagen:  The future of weight loss?

August 08, 2017

Let's talk about collagen in regards to sleep, energy, and weight loss.

Collagen is the most abundant protein that occurs naturally in our bodies; muscles, bones, tendons, skin, blood vessels, and digestive system. IT IS EVERYWHERE!  Collagen naturally repairs almost everything in our bodies.  As we get older, our collagen production naturally declines.  That's no fun, right?!? I think we all can agree this isn't a good thing since it affects EVERY system in our bodies.  Let's explore the benefits of keeping collagen abundant in our bodies.

 -In regards to sleep, and who couldn't use more of that, right? Collagen helps release Glycine which helps you fall asleep and get a more restful night's sleep. This results in a double bonus of having more energy the next day as well as making better food choices throughout your day.

AND collagen directly affects energy, too! Collagen protein helps maintain the body's ability to burn off fats and sugars.  Natural digression in collagen decreases metabolism which affects everything about how you rest, recover, retain energy, and burn calories!  Which leads us to the BIG QUESTION- Is collagen what your body needs to lose weight?

Increasing the amount of collagen in your body helps to increase metabolism by adding lean muscle mass and helping with conversion of essential nutrients. Retaining lean muscle mass is CRUCIAL as you age for energy as well as maintaining a healthy weight! Researchers have known this for over 30 years and there have been collagen protein supplements out there for almost as long that are all natural stimulant free weight loss choices.  HOWEVER,  don't expect a quick fix for losing weight with collagen protein.  It takes time for your body to rebuild what it has lost over the years.  BUT do know that some collagen protein supplements have HUGE success rates with weight loss- proving that when you give it time, collagen works for weight loss. 

So if you haven't considered collagen as an ally for combating aging and weight gain, try giving it another look.  It could be exactly what your body has been needing for a while.

Elizabeth Miller

Written by Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth says, "Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations, and you will have no bad days."

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