5 Tips for Better Skin (For Women Over 40)

August 11, 2017


 Proper skin care is incredibly important at any age, but as we get older how you take care of it needs a bit of adjustment. With just a few changes in your skin care routine, you can have great looking skin at any age. Here are our Top 5 Tips For Better Skin For Women Over 40.

  1. HydrateDrink more water. You’ve heard 8 glasses a day your whole life for a reason – your body needs water for all your organs to function correctly, including the largest organ – your skin. Dehydration can cause your skin to appear more dry and wrinkled, so drink up as a preventative measure.
  2. Sunscreen – Apply sunscreen daily. This can be as a stand-alone sunscreen product or in your favorite moisturizer or makeup. Sun damage will definitely age your skin and can happen before you know it. Many women don’t think they’re outside enough to worry, but will be in and out running errands more than they realize. Take precautions.
  3. No Hot Water – I know, Mom said to wash in hot water and rinse in cold to seal pores, but don’t! Use lukewarm water ONLY. Exposing the skin to different extremes can actually cause irritation and excess dryness.
  4. Exfoliate Weekly – Slough off dry, rough patches with a weekly exfoliation. Be sure to use a very gentle product to avoid irritating your skin. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful, smooth glow you have when finished.
  5. Collagen– The absolute BEST thing to do for your skin is to get more collagen. It is estimated that after the age of 30, collagen production could decrease by 1% a year, so by age 50, the body could lose 20% of its capacity to produce collagen. This essential ingredient helps skin maintain its elasticity and is crucial for maintaining youthful, glowing features and preventing fine lines. Taking collagen supplements (especially collagen hydrolysate) not only helps skin in the present, but can also help the body “jumpstart” its own collagen production.

Collagen can help with great skin and so much  more.

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Elizabeth Miller

Written by Elizabeth Miller

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