Is Calotren® Just for Weight Loss?

November 01, 2021

Calotren® is a dietary supplement intended for weight loss. However, unlike other weight loss aids, the essential active ingredient in Calotren® is actually good for you. 

It is collagen protein, the second-most abundant substance in the human body (with water being the first). This ingredient, along with amino acids and other all-natural nutrients, helps to promote healthy lean muscle and weight loss and does so while being stimulant- and drug-free.

Proteins are known to be the most satiating macro-nutrient. Studies have shown when adding protein to the diet, individuals reduce their food intake helping to lose weight as well as maintain a certain weight after dieting.

Collagen peptides have been proven to be effective at maintaining weight, with no adverse effects, and collagen peptides have been shown to be more effective than other proteins. Collagen peptides may also influence thermogenesis, the heat production in our bodies, because it requires more energy than other proteins for oxidation, thus increasing energy expenditure (higher metabolism and fat-burning). But there is so much more to Calotren® than just helping you lose weight.

While the primary goal of Calotren® is to help you lose weight, there are myriad other benefits that you may experience:

1. Lose/Maintain Weight
2. Increase Athletic Performance
3. Restore Muscle
4. Promotes Healing Throughout the Body
5. Improves Sleep Quality
6. Improves Digestion
7. Improves Energy
8. Reduces Joint Pain

To read up on how Calotren works for each of these, click this link:  


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