Keeping Healthy Choices Wherever You Are

June 21, 2022


                Are you constantly finding yourself going through the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant? Or, staring into your pantry and ultimately grabbing that greasy bag of chips that you later regret eating?

                Setting yourself up for healthy snacking starts with preplanning your list before going into the grocery store, guys! Let's jump forward and assume that we did make those perfect healthy choices in the grocery store.

                Once you get home with all those groceries, the BEST way to ensure you will not end up in that fast-food drive-thru or grabbing that greasy bag of chips is to prepare your snacks as soon as you get home.

                Preparing your fruit and vegetable snacks ahead of time and organizing them in your refrigerator will ensure portion control, ease of access when you are on the go, and save you time so you don’t have to stop and figure out what you would like to make.

                Do not keep foods that are unhealthy available. If you don’t have these foods available, you won’t be tempted to eat them. If you feel the need to keep unhealthy foods available place them in an area that is not visible. Remember that healthy choices are more likely to occur when you have healthy options available. This, along with 20 other weight loss tips for women, is part of the little preparation and smart choices will lead to long term success with weight loss and a healthier you.


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