Mental Weight Loss Tip #4

February 12, 2019


Straight off of page two of The Definitive Guide to Healthy, Natural Weight loss..Enjoy Mental Weight Loss Tip #4: Trick Your Willpower. 


Mental Weight Loss Tip # 4: Trick Your Willpower

The American Psychological Association says that willpower is a limited resource and we as humans must recognize this and adjust accordingly according to each of our individual goals. The more you deprive yourself, the more likely you are to ditch all self-control by the end of the day. One study involved putting participants in a room with freshly baked cookies and radishes. One group was told that they could sample the cookies. The other group was asked to eat the radishes instead. Participants were then later asked to complete a challenging puzzle. The group that had sampled the cookies proved to have more self-control. They persevered for a more extended period than the radish-eating group while completing the puzzle. The group that had used up their willpower to avoid eating the cookies gave up on the puzzle more quickly

If you’ve been restricting yourself all day, you’re more likely to give up on your healthy eating habits in the evening. Instead of limiting your food options, why not expand them?

Here a few simple ways to do just that:

• Focus on eating delicious meals that satisfy your hunger (this will help to avoid snacking)strong-brain

• Concentrate on getting a variety of food groups on your plate

• Eat all the vegetables you want for every meal

• Allow for unlimited fruit and vegetable snacking

• Experiment with new cooking techniques and spices


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