Top 3 Reasons You Have Gained Weight

September 15, 2016


If you have asked yourself, “why am I gaining weight?” lately, you are not alone. If you feel like you are gaining weight for no reason, you know you haven’t really changed your diet or workout routine, and it seems the scale numbers won’t stop creeping up, then this is for you.

Here are 3 of the top reasons you are gaining weight.

  1. Slowing Metabolism- After the age of 30, our body stop producing collagen protein at the rate it did when you were younger. The loss of collagen leads to a multitude of issues including joint pain, skin changes, and also losing lean muscle mass.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but over years, losing the lean muscle slowly decreases your metabolism leading to weight gain and lower energy levels, too. 
  2. Processed food- It is no secret that processed foods are difficult for your body to process- Sounds silly doesn’t it? Processed food is hard to process, but it is very true.  Foods today are more processed than ever and all the hidden sugars, preservatives, refined carbs, and who knows what else that keeps them shelf stable, really takes a toll on your body and its ability to convert the nutrients (and lack of nutrients) into fuel. This causes more sluggishness so you need more food.  Even the “diet” products that are “sugar free” or “fat free” tend to be overly processed. 
  3. Stress- So you haven’t changed your workout routine if there ever even was one, but people today are busier than ever before. Work here, drive there, work there, drive here.  There is lots of stress in our everyday life and that slowly leads to weight gain for several reasons.  Stress produces a hormone caused cortisol which plays a vital role in how our body burns energy and stores fat.  Stress also leads to being tired even if you never did anything physical.  This double whammy leads to weight gain and then the cycle begins again. 

So if you have gained weight and haven’t really been able to pin point why, you should consider reading this short article which explains how to easily address the top 3 reasons you have gained weight.




Elizabeth Miller

Written by Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth says, "Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations, and you will have no bad days."

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