Your Body Needs Aloe.

August 10, 2018

bigstock-Aloes-18484154Who hasn’t had a sunburn and reached for a bottle of cool and soothing Aloe Vera gel? My Sister even uses it as a primer before she puts on her makeup, because it is so good for your skin.


Aloe Vera is this cool little succulent plant that when you break off a piece you can literally see the healing gel ooze out , begging to be use to its full potential! Its natural, it's hydrating, it has 20 amino acids, and it has 12 vitamins (one of which is B-12!) 

Thankfully, Aloe Vera can bring some serious relief for us folks who tend to become red as a lobster after a little too much sun, haha.

So maybe you’re somewhat familiar with using Aloe Vera as a topical solution but are you aware of the benefits you can reap from ingesting it as well? Studies have shown ingesting Aloe Vera can be useful for an assortment of different elements. Arthritis, High Blood Sugar, Stomach Issues, and  Boosting your Immune System are all things you should seeking a little TLC from Aloe Vera for.

To read a little more in depth on Aloe Vera and how it could help you find some relief in these trouble areas in life, read my second blog on Aloe Vera by clicking HERE !! 


Written by Ivy

What can we say about Ivy? She is beautiful, flamboyant, spunky, smart as heck, and truly a good person. She loves snakes and cats and helping people live their best life.

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