The Good News and Bad News about Collagen

January 21, 2022

The Bad News

For various reasons including aging and diet, our bodies become depleted of collagen protein over time. This decrease in collagen leads to slower metabolism, weight gain, lower energy levels, digestive problems, and joint pain. Our need for collagen protein grows as our bodies become less efficient so we can maintain a healthy body and life. 



The Good News

Calotren® will help rebuild lean muscle and repair tissue which will boost the body's metabolism naturally and promote weight loss as well as promote other side benefits.  The body will burn more calories maintaining this muscle which helps to raise your resting metabolic rate.  The direct effect is more energy as well as inch and weight loss. The side benefits include better sleep, more energy, better digestion, decreased joint pain, and increased athletic performance.

If you are over the age of 30, it's never a bad idea to supplement with collagen.  Calotren's main ingredient is collagen and has been proven safe and effective for over 20 years. Click here to learn more:  


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Written by Callie

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